Thermoformed Plastic Trays

Our manufactured thermoformed plastic trays are mainly supplied to plastic packaging trays businesses and we also supply almost all kinds of plastic trays design demanded by the plastic packaging market across different industries.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our production line operates at 7×24 to fulfil dynamic demands from market, for our products with stock ready is possible for next day delivery.

*Each product design might differs*
a3-plastic-trays A3 Plastic Trays
Abs Plastic Trays Abs Plastic Trays
blister Blister
clear-plastic-tray Clear Plastic Tray
commercial-plastic-trays Commercial Plastic Trays
customized-trays Customized Trays
esd-plastic-trays ESD Plastic Trays
extra-large-plastic-serving-trays Extra Large Plastic Serving Trays
food-grade-plastic-tray Food Grade Plastic Tray
hdpe-plastic-trays HDPE Plastic Trays
Industrial Tray
large-industrial-plastic-trays Large Industrial Plastic Trays
large-industrial-trays Large Industrial Trays
large-pet-tray Large Plastic Tray
large-pet-tray Large Pet Tray
large-plastic-plant-trays Large Plastic Plant Tray
large-square-plastic-trays Large Square Plastic Trays
mini-plastic-trays Mini Plastic Trays
oval-plastic-tray Oval Plastic Tray
parts-tray-plastic Parts Tray Plastic
pen-clampshell Clampshell
plastic-art-trays Plastic Art Trays
plastic-black-tray Plastic Black Tray
plastic-cavity-trays Plastic Cavity Trays
plastic-component-trays Plastic Component Trays
plastic-flower-trays Plastic Flower Trays
plastic-food-trays Plastic Food Trays
plastic-industrial-trays Plastic Industrial Trays
plastic-plant-trays Plastic Plant Trays
plastic-produce-trays Plastic Produce Trays
plastic-sample-trays Plastic Sample Trays
plastic-sectional-tray Plastic Sectional Tray
plastic-sheet-tray Plastic Sheet Tray
plastic-shipping-trays Plastic Shipping Trays
plastic-small-tray Plastic Small Tray
plastic-sterilization-trays Plastic Sterilization Trays
plastic-surgical-trays Plastic Surgical Trays
plastic-transparent-tray Plastic Transparent Tray
plastic-tray-black Plastic Tray Black
plastic-tray-for-industrial Plastic Tray for Industrial
plastic-trays-for-industrial-use Plastic Trays for Industrial Use
plastic-wire-tray Plastic Wire Tray
pp-plastic-tray PP Plastic Trays
rectangular-plastic-trays Rectangular Plastic Trays
round-plastic-trays Round Plastic Trays
slotted-plastic-trays Slotted Plastic Trays
small-black-plastic-tray Small Black Plastic Tray
small-clear-plastic-trays Small Clear Plastic Trays
small-rectangular-plastic-trays Small Rectangular Plastic Trays
transparent-container Transparent Container

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